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Acupuncture For Sciatica In Bergen County NJ

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Acupuncture For Sciatica In Cresskill NJ

Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness offers acupuncture for sciatica in Bergen County, NJ. Our Cresskill acupuncture clinic is one of the best in North Jersey for the holistic treatment of pain through acupuncture treatments and other holistic services.

Sciatica is a painful condition that many people experience. Get the relief naturally through Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness. Our Cresskill, NJ clinic hopes to help you and relieve you of the painful symptoms of sciatica.

acupuncture for sciatica in Bergen County NJ

What Is Sciatica And How Can Acupuncture Help?

Sciatica has symptoms that are a result of irritation or compression on nerve roots that are found in the lumbar of your spine. Someone who experiences Sciatica pain will notice numbness, weakness, pain, and even tingling in one leg. Other symptoms may include lower back and butt pain. The longer a person goes without treatment, the worse the symptoms will be. 

How Is Sciatica Treated?

You will find that medications such as ibuprofen are used to help alleviate the pain. However, you should keep in mind that taking these medications for a prolonged period will cause issues. These medications (NSAIDs) can cause issues with your stomach. This could include ulcers, bleeding, and even issues with your cardiovascular system. 

Acupuncture is a way that people can help treat Sciatica nerve pain. This was an alternative method that people often look for if they suffer from severe Sciatica pain. However, you should not wait until the pain is severe to see an acupuncturist. Plus, acupuncture will have less side effects than medications such as NSAIDs. 

acupuncture for sciatica Cresskill

Acupuncture For Sciatica FAQs

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture was first founded by the Chinese. It was a traditional Chinese medicine. Those who believe the traditional ways of acupuncture believe that there are irregularities along the body’s meridians. This is why a person experiences disability and pain. The purpose of acupuncture is to alleviate this pain and help reduce problems. 

You will notice that a thin needle is used. These needles are placed along your pressure points. The needle placement will vary based on an individual’s symptoms and needs. In traditional acupuncture a needle will be manually inserted into the body by a licensed acupuncturist. These needles are placed according to the symptoms present. 

What are the different types of acupuncture treatments?

Different Types of Acupuncture Treatments 

Many people hear acupuncture and think needles. While for the most part this is true, it is not the only resource that an acupuncturist may use. Let us look at the four types of acupuncture therapies available. These are also therapies that are related to acupuncture as well. 

  1. Moxibustion 
    1. This is where a needle will be heated before putting it into the body. It will be heated by a burning herb. This herb is known as moxa. 
  2. Acupressure 
    1. This is where pressure is applied to the acupoint. The pressure is applied with hands instead of a needle. This is a great option for those who are afraid of needles but are experiencing Sciatica pain. 
  3. Electroacupuncture 
    1. Electrical currents will be placed through the needles that are put into the points of your body. These will be gentle currents to help the body regulate function again. 
  4. Laser Acupuncture
    1. Instead of using needles, the acupuncturist will use lasers on the points of interest. This is also another great option for those who are experiencing the pain but are too afraid of needles to do traditional acupuncture therapy. 
How does acupuncture help sciatica nerve pain?

How Acupuncture Helps Sciatica Nerve Pain

Acupuncture is still being studied today. In fact, people are studying it more today than ever before. There are many amazing benefits that acupuncture brings. It helps provide pain management for those who have many different conditions. However, with all that said, scientists are still unsure how exactly the pain is relieved. There are a few theories. 

  1. Studies have shown that endorphins are released into the body during a session. This is the body’s natural response to relieve pain. As the needle is inserted, the body will release endorphins that cause the body to relax. 
  2. When the needles are inserted into the body, it can help increase blood flow. When there is increased blood flow, it will help allow muscles to feel better. This will also help reduce inflammation throughout the body. 
  3. Another study has shown that the brain becomes stimulated. The part that is stimulated is the part that experiences and processes pain. When acupuncture is used, this pain signal is blocked. It is said to change the way that the body experiences and perceives pain signals. 
Why Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness for acupuncture for sciatica in Bergen County?
Taking the time to ensure that your Sciatica pain is under control is essential. That is why you should call us at Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness. We will greet you with a smile and you will leave with a smile and less pain. 

We are located in Cresskill NJ at address 133 Hillside Ave, Cresskill, NJ 07626. Please take a look at our business on the map below and call us with your questions about treating your sciatica holistically and naturally with acupuncture.  Our Cresskill NJ acupuncture clinic is here to help!

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