Health benefits of cupping therapy

Cupping is an ancient method of relieving pain that can be dated to as long as 281 -341 AD. As the name implies, it is essentially a suction mechanism achieved through cups. It is based on balancing the forces that act on the body. By applying heated cups to specific parts of the body, it is believed that blood flow improves, and so does the rate of healing. Although modern scientific research on the benefits of the method is still in progress and results are not yet familiar, the possible risks of this method are minimal. The main parts of the body where cups are placed include the back, stomach, arms, legs, or other parts of the body. 

Mechanism behind Cupping

There is no extensive research on this form of holistic therapy, but it is related to the suction mechanism and the benefits are obvious. The suction force applied through the cup expands and breaks down tiny blood vessels(usual capillaries) beneath the skin. The cupping area is treated as an injury, and your body naturally increases blood supply to the cupped area for healing to occur. Some people also believe Cupping further clears pores and aids in the removal of toxins from the body. Cupping therapy can be done by different professionals, from medical doctors to acupuncturists and physical therapists. 

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Benefits Of Cupping

Faster pain relief- Cupping can help relieve pains caused by arthritis, headaches, or migraine. In the former, Cupping is performed on the concerned joints. Due to increased blood flow and mobility in the cupped area works well to treat conditions like stiff neck and shoulders and rheumatism.

Chronic fatigue- cupping aids in the relief of chronic fatigue. Our modern lifestyle and nature make getting tired from stress a common occurrence. A significant part of our fatigue is mental as much as physical to get necessary relief; not just physical rest is needed but something that also helps with neutralizing the effects of mental fatigue largely contributed to by the amount of information we are subject to consume. Cupping proves a suitable treatment method for this condition.

  • Lung diseases- chronic cough, asthma, bronchitis, and other lung-related disorders can be cured, or their symptoms reduced drastically by Cupping, also known as  Hijama.
  • Healthy skin- the appearance of one’s skin is primarily due to what happens within the body, like food consumed and the type of activities and stress the boy is subjected to. Cupping works by increasing blood flow to areas of the skin and increasing the flow of materials carried by the blood, mainly oxygen and nutrients. This improves skin health and the skin’s ability to ward off infections like eczema. Due to the expansion of blood vessels, cupping further removes toxic substances from the skin.
  • Digestive problems related to digestion are usually due to inherent stress or circulatory issues. Cupping helps relieve stress and improve blood circulation, promoting effective digestion.
  • Urinary diseases- Urinary diseases like kidney stones and abscesses. Urinary retention is cured by applying the suction pressure on the lumbar region to promote circulation.
  • Healing – the major importance of Cupping is its general impact on the body’s healing process. Suction pressure applied to specific areas of the body can help improve healing by increasing the flow of blood to the selected location, and increased blood flow translates to a faster healing rate.
  • Relaxation- Cupping can be utilized as a form of massage that aids in the relaxation of the body. Due to additional benefits of improved blood flow, a cupping session leaves one feeling healthier, less under pressure, and generally much more relaxed.

Cupping can be done using different methods that depend on the treatment goals of the person as well as that of the acupuncturist or medical doctor. Cups are typically made of glass, although acupuncturists utilized bamboo, clay, and animal horns centuries back. 

Types Of Cupping Treatments

  • Classic cupping is utilized in ancient Chinese medicine and is referred to as ba guan zi. It entails the cups being placed over a specific area (abdominal region, for example) and left without interference for a certain period- between five to twenty minutes. Depending on the treatment goals and conditions of the patient involved, a complete session takes between five to 7 sessions with interval periods of 3 to 10 days.
  • Sliding cups-  this mechanism is mainly used to treat large muscle groups around the back region. The treatment is used in conditions such as muscle spasms and associated pain. Unlike the first method, ointments like massage oils are used on the skin before placing cups. This allows the effective gliding of the cup over the skin surface during treatment.
  • Air cupping-  this form of Cupping places the cups on the patient’s skin, and a handheld pump is used to pump air from the cups. This creates the necessary vacuum without the use of heat ( as compared to fire cupping). Some patients report that this method is much more comfortable for them.
  • Wet Cupping- this method involves the typical cupping mechanism combined with a technique of acupuncture called bleeding. The skin is pricked with a lancet before cups are placed. This results in small amounts of blood flowing from the enclosed area. Chinese acupuncturists utilize this method to cool inflammatory conditions and dispel internal toxins.
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Conclusion: Important Benefits Of Cupping Therapy

Cupping, like acupuncture, is a treatment method that has existed for a long time. Based on maintaining the body’s balance, Cupping is believed to re-establish the flow of healthy energy by dispelling energy blockers. Cupping has been in use by both Chinese and Egyptians. Today, many celebrities and people interested in natural healing methods have turned to cupping to provide faster healing, relaxation, mental relief, better skin conditions, and overall health.

Although this treatment method is still undergoing scientific evaluation, the risk involved, which majorly centers around bruising, is thought to be minimal compared to potential benefits.

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You should now have a better understanding of the important benefits of cupping therapy and we wish you all the best.