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Our Services


Uses hair thin needles that are inserted into specific acupuncture points to promote a free flow of energy and blood in the body to restore balance and health.


Special cups placed on the skin by creating a vacuum with a flame or pump to help increase blood and energy circulation to the affected area and reduces pain and inflammation.

Trigger Point Or Dry Needling

Insertion of acupuncture needles into trigger points which elicits a twitch response of the muscle, releasing the knot, and ultimately relaxes the body.


Gentle scraping of the skin with a jade massage tool to improve blood and energy circulation and move out stagnant qi, reduce inflammation, and promote the body’s natural healing process.


Massage is an excellent way to relieve bodily tension, restore good circulation and blood flow and improve overall wellbeing.  Dynamic Acupuncture & Wellness offers massage.


We offer various aromatherapy treatments in order to improve the affect of our other services. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that drastically affect results.

Why Dynamic Acupuncture & Wellness

The Benefits Of Our Services

If you are looking for a new way to treat health issues and boost wellbeing, Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness can do just that.  We offer a variety of holistic services that can help you improve your health – both physical and emotional. Our practitioners are highly skilled and have years of experience helping people achieve relief from common symptoms.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your life, our clinic is the perfect place for you. Our services are safe and effective, and they can help you feel better in no time. Come see us today and start feeling better tomorrow!


What Our Clients Say

Jola Haschek

"I have been recovering from a very complicated hip revision surgery, using a walker/crutches for almost a year. This has caused all sorts of neck/shoulder problems. Uno’s needles and cups are the only therapy that brings a lasting pain relief. Without his care I’d be popping OxyContin. Uno is very skilled, caring and also funny practitioner so visits in his office are not only beneficial to my body but also brighten my mood."

David Wall

"I have been receiving treatment for my ailments from Dynamic Acupuncture from their previous location and was happy that they were able to transform the establishment after the pandemic. The ambiance is relaxing, stylish and state of the art. The service is top notch as always. Scheduling has been flexible. I go with my family, (even my 11 year old) and leave in a better state of mind and body! We would not consider any place else."

Yamin Segal

"I visited Une-Ho at Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness for an acute back issue and was beyond thrilled with my decision. Une-Ho is welcoming and professional, and took the time to understand my medical history before beginning the session. His treatment rooms are clean, modern and comfortable, and I experienced immediate benefits from my session. I will definitely be returning regularly."


Anjali Mani

"Acupuncture is not new to me but what is new to me and has been extremely satisfying is the right kind of practitioner and I have to say you will find it at Dynamic Acupuncture! He gives you his time, is intuitive, good sense of humor and makes you feel comfortable. He answers all questions which is important. I have started to see results in the pain I have been feeling in my joints and ankles and it has helped with mobility! To top it off the space has a nice healing energy to it and makes you feel relaxed and de- stress. I would definitely recommend Dynamic Acupuncture- it will lead you in the path of balance, wellness and good health!"

Robyn Ziemba

"My teenage daughter and I have had the most wonderful experience at Dynamic Acupuncture. She was experiencing a migraine for days on end - out of desperation we called Uno and he saw her immediately. In just one treatment her debilitating headache subsided. Now we are making sure to plan monthly visits to help keep her regulated. Thank you so much for helping us!"

Priscilla Yon

"I have always been a bit skeptical about acupuncture, especially because I am not a fan of needles. However, I have read and have heard many awesome things about Une-Ho, and I am so glad that I went. My neck has been in pain for the past year. Une-Ho listened to me carefully and thoughtfully, and proceeded with a treatment that was effective. After a session, I could feel a difference in the tightness of my neck. I am excited to continue my treatments and I look forward in having my neck fully healed!"

Courtney Bancroft

"Une from dynamic acupuncture and wellness is a true healer. He always makes you feel welcomed, heard, and understood and he is a very skilled acupuncturist! The space is relaxing, clean, and calm and he makes sure you’re comfortable each session. My pain and symptoms have lessened since seeing him regularly and I highly recommend his services! He helps you navigate the insurance process as well, and makes everything seamless from a billing perspective. Thank you Une!"

Karina Franceschini

"I have been seeing Une for about 5 years and I still look forward to every single acupuncture treatment, which is a direct testament to Une and all the work he puts in during sessions and behind the scenes. I get acupuncture for a few different reasons, all of which acupuncture has done wonders for. Une genuinely listens and cares for his patients, and Dynamic Acupuncture is truly a spa-like oasis. Honestly, there are no words that could justify Une and the experience he gives at Dynamic Acupuncture- you NEED to book and see for yourself!"

Ronni B

"Here is where you will get healing and experience tranquility from the ambiance to the attentiveness, expertise and utmost care.
I am grateful for the awesome care and effective treatment received for migraines, muscular, back/neck and tendinitis . Results have been immediate relief of pain.
The breath of fresh air and renewal I feel from the physical and mental alignment along with the relaxation after every treatment is simply AMAZING, necessary and deserving...

Ronelle Thomas

"The idea of going to get acupuncture is such radical act of self care and wellness. Uno has made the experience that much more by placing a beautifully decorated and peaceful studio in the heart of the most serene and visually stunning outside environment. I felt as if I was going on a mini wellness retreat :D. As for my care, it has been 3 weeks and what used to be a daily pain, I have only experienced once for a short amount of time. I'm grateful for Uno's expertise and thoughtful care regarding my health. I highly recommend!!!"

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