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Swedish Massage Cresskill NJ

Swedish Massage In Cresskill NJ

For Swedish massage services in Cresskill NJ and the surrounding areas, Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness should be your top choice.  Our massage therapy services are performed at address 133 Hillside Ave, Cresskill, NJ 07626. Check out our other services too to learn more about how Dyanmic Acupuncture and Wellness can help.


A Swedish massage will energize your body.


Getting a Swedish massage will restore and improve overall health.


Getting a Swedish massage will relax and calm your body and spirit.


A Swedish massage will improve circulation and offer pain relief.

Enjoy A Relaxing Swedish Massage

Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness is a great choice if you’re in Bergen County, NJ and need a Swedish Massage.  We are known as one of the best acupuncture clinics and we offer a range of holistic treatment options we know you’re going to love.

Swedish massage is a type of therapeutic massage that uses long strokes, kneading, and friction to relax the muscles and improve circulation. This type of massage is often used to relieve tension headaches, neck pain, and upper back pain. Swedish massage is also known for its ability to increase flexibility and range of motion. Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness offers Swedish massage in a comfortable setting. Our experienced and certified massage therapists will tailor the session to your specific needs.

Swedish massage Cresskill NJ

Why Get A Swedish Massage With Us?

There are many reasons to enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage at Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness. For one, your Swedish massage will be performed by one of the best massage therapists in the state.  

In addition to that, one of the many reasons individuals get Swedish massages is to relieve uncomfortable pains and tensions in the body.  When you choose Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness, we know you’ll find relief from the pains, stresses and anxieties of your daily life.  Come visit us at our facility in Cresskill, New Jersey and enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage today!

Swedish Massage FAQs

What is a Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a type of massage that uses long, flowing strokes to relax the body. It is the most common type of massage in the Western world, and it is often used to relieve stress and tension.

Swedish massage is typically performed by a licensed massage therapist, and it can be done with or without oil. During a Swedish massage, the therapist will use a variety of techniques to loosen and relax the muscles. These techniques include effleurage (long, gliding strokes), petrissage (kneading and rolling), friction (deep, circular strokes), tapotement (percussive strokes), and vibration (rapid shaking). Swedish massage is often combined with other modalities such as aromatherapy or hot stone therapy.

Dynamic Acupuncture And Wellness offers one of the best Swedish massages in town. Our massage therapist will offer a Swedish massage that will benefit your mind and body, providing a sense of calm and helping to reduce stress levels. If you are looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, Dynamic Acupuncture And Wellness is the perfect place for you.

Who should consider Swedish massage?

Almost anyone can get a Swedish massage and see benefits in doing so.  If you are experiencing any type of tension, a Swedish massage can be helpful.

Swedish massage is a type of massage that is known for its relaxing and therapeutic effects. It is often used to treat tension headaches, neck pain, and muscle stiffness. So if you are experiencing any mild bodily pains or stress, getting a Swedish massage may be a great option for holistic relief. In addition, getting a Swedish massage can also help improve blood circulation and lymph flow.  So if you are someone who would like to improve circulation and overall body health, getting a Swedish massage should be something that is on your agenda.

Are your massage therapists licensed?

Yes – Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness offers services using only licensed and trained massage therapists. Please call us today to learn more about our services.

How long is a Swedish massage?

Massage times can vary depending on your individual needs. Please call us and we can give you more information on packages and getting a Swedish massage at Dynamic Acupuncture and wellness.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness does accept insurance for many of our services.  Please give us a call and we may better assist and offer our recommendations.

Where are you located?

Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness is located in Cresskill, NJ.  Our address is 133 Hillside Ave, Cresskill, NJ 07626.  If you are not aware, Cresskill is located in Bergen County, NJ.  We are South of Demarest, North of Tenafly, and East of Dumont, New Jersey. Please feel free to take a look at our location on the map below.

Will getting a Swedish massage hurt?

Swedish massage is not generally considered to be a painful experience. However, like any other type of massage, it may be uncomfortable for some people. If you are nervous about whether or not the massage will be painful, speak to your therapist before the session begins. They will be able to give you an idea of what to expect and can adjust the massage accordingly.

Should I speak to my doctor before getting a Swedish massage?

If you are healthy, it is not necessary to speak to your doctor prior to visiting us for your next Swedish massage. However, if you have any bodily pains or other issues, it might be wise to consult with a doctor before undergoing any type of treatment.

For an unforgettable Swedish massage in Cresskill, NJ chooose Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness.

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