Which Acupuncture Clinic is the Best in New Jersey?

Are you wondering which acupuncture clinic is the best in New Jersey? In this post we will explore everything about finding the best NJ acupuncturist!

There Are Tons Of Acupuncture Clinics In New Jersey!

Acupuncture clinics are far from scarce in the state of New Jersey, but whether you have done acupuncture before or are new to it, you likely want to find the best provider. Acupuncture clinics may offer just those services or may be accompanied by other ‘natural’ wellness remedies which intend to cure a wide range of illnesses. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, you should be able to identify if a provider may be the one for you just by viewing the title.

Below is information describing what acupuncture is and tips regarding how to find the provider that will suit you the best.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine method where very thin needles are inserted in key points on the body by a provider. The strategy has multi-purpose uses, including to relieve a variety of pain sources, tension from stress, and just to increase one’s wellness in general. Acupuncture is believed to heighten the flow of energy through one’s body upon insertion of one or more needles.

Acupuncture is used for so many different things and many people have found success by undergoing this non-invasive medical procedure. Here are just some of the illnesses that lead patients to seek an alternative to prescription medication or just an additive, like acupuncture:

  • Stroke
  • Obesity
  • Fertility issues such as a miscarriage 
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Various thyroid problems
  • Weak immune systems
  • Anxiety and other mental health concerns
  • Ongoing fatigue and tiredness
  • Discomforts brought on by menstruation 
  • Substance or alcohol abuse
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis

As with every medical related procedure, there are some risks associated with acupuncture so it is not for everyone. For example, individuals who have pacemakers, bleeding disorders, or some other unique condition should consult with their physician prior to proceeding with this type of medical technique. Also, risks that may affect absolutely anyone could be brought on by things such as unsterile needles, an unhygienic environment, or an inexperienced provider. The needles may cause you to be sore, bruise up a little bit, or bleed.

However, risks are low and there apparently are numerous benefits to having an acupuncture session. This procedure has been known to cure horrible addictions, improve the circulation of blood within the body, and even systematically strengthen the patient’s immunity.

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How to Find the Best Acupuncture Clinic In New Jersey

The internet has been a significantly amazing source for pretty much everyone in the 20th century, and for the majority of people, it serves as the number one research foundation. Finding the best acupuncture clinic can be done most easily and timely by utilizing what the internet offers. So, start by opening your preferred internet browser, such as Google Chrome, and put that search bar to use.

Here are the steps you should take to find the best acupuncture clinic for you based on what you are looking for. You can also read this post and learn more about acupuncture and pain management.

STEP 1: Conduct A Google Search

  1. Search for ‘Acupuncture Clinic in New Jersey’. This will work if you do not care how far the clinic may be from you, however, if you want to preserve your gas and time, just add the city you live in or near before the state.
  2. Click the ‘More Places’ tab underneath the short list of acupuncture clinics that appear. This will likely take you to a longer list with multiple pages of providers fitting your search criteria for location.
  3. Sort the rating to reflect only 4.5 stars and up. Clicking the ‘rating’ tab at the top of the list will allow you to narrow down the number of acupuncture offices listed to help you pick the most reputable providers and will eliminate those that do not have as good ratings. You want the best, so sometimes that means pushing out the providers that do not consistently reach their patients expectations. 
  4. Continue sorting by clicking ‘hours’ above the list and you will be able to select what days and hours you want your acupuncture provider to be open to serve your needs. 

You will notice now that you only have to skim through a portion of the pages that were initially available to find your perfect acupuncture provider. The rest of the sorting will be manual, but luckily it is not difficult at all! 

STEP 2: Speak To A Few Acupuncturists In Your Area

The next step is an easy one. You will want to contact a few of the clinics you found in the above search process. Request a consultation and ask about their facility. You may want to also ask them about pricing and whether or not they accept insurance (if applicable).

Here are a few tips for consulting with acupuncturists:

  • Ask about pricing and insurance.
  • Inquire about a typical session and what you can expect.
  • How long do they spend performing services?
  • Do they have clients who may be willing to offer a recommendation?
  • What are their certifications?
  • Where did the head acupuncturist train?
  • Who will you be seeing? Will it be the same person or someone new each time?

It’s important to speak to at least 3 businesses to get a feel for the services they provide. We know you will be pleased with your findings and will certainly figure out which clinic is the best one for you!

STEP 3: Invest In Yourself

The third and final step is to go into a clinic and try it out. The only way to really know which acupuncture clinic is the best for you is to test out a few services and see which treatment provider is a fit! And when you do your research it’s really not hard to figure it out!

acupuncture services Bergen County NJ
acupuncture services Bergen County NJ

Recommended Acupuncture Clinics In New Jersey

As stated above, there are so many great clinics in New Jersey. However, one of the best North Jersey acupuncture treatment and wellness centers is Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness. You can read more about the services they provide, which include dry needling, cupping, meditation and more. Learn more about Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness here and take a look at their gallery and reviews.

Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness is very popular in Bergen County, NJ:

More About New Jersey Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture has become very popular- especially in states such as New Jersey where individuals are focused on maintaining good health and taking care of their mind, body and spirit. New Jersey sites close enough to New York – a state where acupuncture became highly popularized and sought out by high profile people living in Manhattan.

It’s no wonder that New Jersey is such a great destination for acupuncturists and services. It’s a great state and has some wonderful amenities – so people want to feel good and enjoy being healthy!

Take a look at Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness if you are searching for a top acupuncture clinic in the area!

Finalizing the Search for the Best Acupuncture Clinic in New Jersey

The hardest part of completing research in hopes of finding the best acupuncture clinic in your New Jersey city is done. One of the last tasks left is to look through the providers that are still showing, and look specifically for the ones that have five star ratings and a high number of reviews. You will find the amount of people who have provided reviews in parentheses to the right of the stars.

A few things you are going to want to look for at this point regarding local acupuncture clinics are as follows:

  • Greatest number of reviews – pick one, two, or three providers that have the highest number of reviews. A high number of reviews in combination with a five star rating indicates that a lot of patients who had services done with this provider have left the office extremely satisfied.
  • Titles – if you are merely looking for acupuncture then you can probably rely on any of the providers showing. If you are looking for a variety of options and aren’t sure if acupuncture is exactly what you need, then look at titles that are not specific to acupuncture. 
  • Double check the city showing. Although you should only be seeing offices near you, one may be closer than another. There may be a particular location you are not willing to travel to no matter what the rating is.

Finally, you are going to want to visit the websites of your acupuncture provider selections. There, you will be able to view all the services they offer, the most reliable phone number, address, names of doctors or other providers, and weekly hours. Many local acupuncture clinics offer other services too. Some such services include dry needling, cupping, aromatherapy, massage, and more. Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness of North Jersey is a very reputable holistic treatment provider located in Cresskill New Jersey (in Bergen County). They provide a range of services we know you will love.

You may even be able to see prices, schedule an appointment, or download forms that need to be completed prior to your service date. Now, just reach out to the provider you have decided you like best and you are all set to go!

CONCLUSION: Which Acupuncture Clinic Is The Best In NJ

Acupuncture services can be an outstanding procedure for individuals suffering from non-emergency illnesses. Although determining which acupuncture clinic is best for you can be challenging, following the tips in this article will help you tremendously. If you want a head start, Dynamic Acupuncture and Wellness is one of the best acupuncture clinics found in New Jersey. 

You should now know which acupuncture clinic is the best in New Jersey NJ so go ahead and book an appointment!